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Description What is mimio Xi?


What is mimio Xi?
mimio Xi is a portable and low cost device that attaches to any whiteboard (up to 4'x8' in size), connects to your PC/Mac and when used with a projector, allows you control your desktop applications and documents directly from the board. Without a projector, mimio enables you to digitally capture notes or drawings that can be saved, shared, and/or integrated into other materials.

Turn any whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard.
When used with a multimedia projector, you can use one of the mimio stylus pens like a cordless mouse to control (click, right click, drag and drop) computer applications and documents directly from the whiteboard. Perfect for presentations, training or instructional sessions and front-of-class teaching. Enables students to be more interactive and engaged.

Capture your whiteboard notes ... and your audience's attention.
With Expo™ dry-erase markers inserted into the mimio stylus pens, everything that you write or draw on the whiteboard is digitally recorded - in color and real time - in a highly portable and versatile digital data format. Now your audience can concentrate on the information presented knowing that your whiteboard notes are being electronically captured.

How Does Mimio Work?

mimio®: Transforming Teaching and Learning
mimio®: Transforming Teaching and Learning
Today’s educators are looking for ways to balance two seemingly competing
needs: the need to create 21st century classrooms that take advantage of the latest
instructional technology, and the need to spend precious dollars wisely and keep
costs low. mimio® meets the challenge head-on, providing interactive whiteboards
that offer lower initial and long-term costs, ease of use, convenience, and portability.
The mimio advanced technology delivers a more cost-effective and less complicated
solution than competitors’ products, but offers all of the same functionality. It’s
a solution that can help educators stay within

mimio Technology: How Does It Work?
Unlike conventional interactive whiteboard technologies, mimio tracking technology
is not embedded in the whiteboard surface. Instead, it uses ultrasound and infrared
to create an innovative, surface-independent tracking system. Though some
complexities are involved, the overall process is fairly straightforward and easy
to understand.
The mimio Interactive system uses ultrasound and infrared to track the position of
the mimio Interactive Stylus on the whiteboard and communicate stylus information.
The primary hardware is a compact mimio Interactive Bar, which attaches to any
whiteboard or flat surface via suction cups or mounting brackets. The bar contains
two ultrasonic receivers and one infrared receiver. The two ultrasonic receivers are
fixed, with a known distance between them.

When a mimio Interactive Stylus touches the whiteboard, it triggers ultrasonic and
infrared signals. The infrared signal travels instantly – at the speed of light – to the
infrared receiver on the mimio bar. This signal lets the mimio system know that
an ultrasonic signal was sent. When mimio Capture pens are used, the system can
identify which pen touched the surface by an encoded signal.

The ultrasonic signal arrives after the infrared signal – at the speed of sound – at both
ultrasonic receivers on the mimio bar. Now, using the speed of sound and the signal
start time, the mimio system calculates the distance between the stylus and the
ultrasonic receivers.

This process may become clearer through the analogy of thunder and lightning. If you
count the number of seconds until you hear thunder after a lightning flash and then
divide that number by 5, you can learn how many miles away a storm is. The process
the mimio system uses to determine the stylus position on a whiteboard is similar.
Simple trigonometry determines the location of the mimio stylus on the whiteboard.
We know the distance between the two ultrasonic sensors. We know the distance
between the stylus and each of the two ultrasonic sensors. We also know where the
mimio bar is located on the surface. We form a triangle with this information (see
image above) to compute the exact location (x,y) of the stylus on the whiteboard.
And when mimio Capture pens are used, we can compute the color of the pen used,
as well as the position. This technology provides definite advantages over boardbased

Benefits to Both the Buyer and the End User
Breakthrough mimio technology offers many benefits above and beyond
conventional interactive whiteboard technology – to both the buyer and the end user.
Affordability is the most obvious benefit of the mimio Interactive system. You
get all of the functionality you expect from an interactive whiteboard, at a much
lower cost. Numerous factors contribute to its affordability. First of all, the mimio
Interactive system costs less to manufacture than competitive products and covers
a larger surface area (up to 4 feet by 8 feet). The mimio Interactive Xi Bar attaches
to an existing whiteboard, drastically reducing installation expense. The bar can
function on standard whiteboards, which are often made of porcelain on steel. That
makes it much less susceptible to damage than conventional interactive whiteboard
technologies that use active surfaces, which are more easily scratched and susceptible

to permanent damage from dry-erase markers. Since the mimio technology is not
embedded in the whiteboard, the tracking system will continue to work even if the
surface board is damaged. Finally, the portability of the mimio Interactive system
makes it easy for multiple locations or classrooms to share a single device, so fewer
systems will need to be purchased.
Ease of installation is another benefit. Shipped in a small box, the mimio system can
be unpacked and set up by a single person in a matter of minutes – no tools required.
The mimio Interactive Stylus has two conveniently located buttons, providing quick
and easy execution of both right-click and hover actions from anywhere on the
whiteboard. The mimio bar also has five quick access buttons that let you access
common features from the whiteboard, without needing to click on software tools.
The mimio Interactive system was designed to be extendable. All mimio accessories
integrate seamlessly with mimio hardware and software. These include add-ons that
can be used to create a wireless connection to a PC (mimio Wireless), capture real ink
written by dry-erase markers (mimio Capture Kit), and enable mobility and remote
student response in the classroom via a wireless tablet (mimio Pad).

An Affordable, Versatile Solution
Thanks to its unique patented technology and innovative design, the mimio
Interactive system offers a versatile solution with all the capabilities users want in
an interactive whiteboard – at a lower cost. The mimio tracking system is surfaceindependent,
allowing it to be used with existing whiteboards. Installation and setup
are a breeze, and the system’s portability makes sharing a snap. Users get started
quickly and discover more depth as they become more comfortable with the system.
mimio Interactive learning products will continue to be refined as mimio develops
a variety of complementary educational solutions for the classroom environment. If
you seek advanced innovation, quality, value, and commitment to award-winning
educational classroom solutions, consider mimio Interactive technology.